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Now you cannot leave a single day without using internet. Many people use smartphone and table PC but they cannot use expensive internet connection which is made on cellular. But now it is necessary to connect with the world for various purposes. Some businessmen need to use internet to know update of the current business world. But most of the young people use smartphone for using social networking sites and they need to connect with internet. This is why, Wi-Fi connection for all of them is very cheap method of using internet. They can use internet in multiple devices together. Even they do not need to pay extra bill for using the internet together.
If you want to use Wi-Fi connection, then you have to purchase a router. You can purchase any router that you like but you should buy router from popular brands Philips, Airnet, planet, Senao, Zyxel etc. Those are very popular brand routers and you will love to use those routers. Performance of those routers is A grade. However, you should know how to secure your router and Wi-Fi security and how to find out router problem fast. This is very easy thing to find the problem and fix all of the issues. You can solve router alone.
The IP address is very important thing and you need to use that default IP address for many purposes. That is why, you have to read manual and other papers which come with the router. You have to find out the router default IP address from the manual. However, the default IP address for those routes is The default IP address is very important. You need to use the default IP address in many other purposes. For checking the router connectivity, you have to use the default IP address with ping.
You have to use the IP address with the ping command. You can use “ping” or “ping -t”. The last one is called continuous ping command. The continuous ping command “ping -t”. By the continuous ping command “ping -t”, you can identify the router problems and check the router status quick. Continuous ping command share more information and you can learn many things from the continuous ping. You should read the router manual to know more information first. However, you may not to get more information about ping from router manual. This article will help you more.
The continuous ping command is ping -t and it is better than a ping command for its power. You will get correct information if you use the correct IP address and correct command. But if you type “ -t”, then you will get error message. The command is wrong and it has no any use. You have to type “ping -t” and when press enter button from the router, then you will get continuous ping result. The process will show you update information of the computer and router of every second.
When you add -t with a ping, then the command will be continuous ping. The continuous ping is “ping -t”. The continuous ping command will the process to continue. You will see the result of every second of the router and computer connectivity. You will see the information of every second and the process of the command will not be stopped auto. You need to command to stop the process of the router. If you need to read the manual of the router if you want to know more but if you want to know about the continuous ping command, then you should read this article.
The ping command is made to know the communication between the router and computer. A ping is not better like the continuous ping command “ping -t”. If you do not know the router IP address, then you should use “ipconfig” command and press the Enter button from the keyboard. Now you see the default gateway of the router. So, you will get “Default gateway” and it is an IP address. On the same command page, you can use “ping -t”. So, you know how to use the correct ping command. You will enjoy all of the ping service and you can fix the router and computer connection quick.
You can use different ping commands like “a ping” and “continuous ping”. A ping gives quick and short summery information but that will not be enough for safety. But continuous ping command provides more information and it will give consistence result from the ping command. The continuous becomes with adding -t with a ping. The continuous ping will be “ping -t”. You should use continuous ping command because in this command you will get result of “a ping” and more. This is the time saving technique.
From the continuous ping report, you will get much more information which you need must. You will get report continuously “reply from, byte=, time=, TTL=” for the IP address “Request timed out” also come continuously when the computer cannot connect with router. You should understand all of the meaning of the report and you can identify the computer and router stability. However, you will not get all of the reports meaning in the router manual. That is why, I have discussed all of the reports below. I think, you will get help from this article a lot.
When the connection between the router and computer is ok and there is no problem between those devices, then you will get message “reply from, byte=, time=, TTL=” for the IP address”. If you cannot use internet or Wi-Fi, then you should check router and computer.
“Request timed out” comes for the router is not available. Now you should check all of the cables. If you find the power cable and Ethernet cable lose, then you should fix it. If any cable is damaged, then you need to replace the cable.
“Destination host unreachable” arrives from the IP address from the router. If the IP address what you have used with the ping command is not setup in the router. You should fix the router or you should reset the router and try to use the ping command again. If similar problem arrives, then you should contact with vendor.
“Unknown host” message also come for the IP address which is not used in the router but you have used it with the ping command. Just rest the router and make sure that device is working properly. If the device does not work, then you should take it to the vendor.